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Data Center Details

Singapore Data Center

As a central network hub in the Asia-Pacific region and the world’s second best country for doing business*, Singapore is a strategic data center location. Setting up an IT infrastructure in the region helps you reach one of the most proliferous digital market in the world.

Guaranteed 99.5% Network Uptime

Superior network performance keeps your critical data and applications available 24/7. Experience always-on availability.

Strategic Disaster-Free Location

Purpose-built in a risk-free area, Singapore data center is a safe and stable location for your IT infrastructure.

2Tbps Global Backbone Capacity

The unified network backbone provides fast and reliable connectivity between Asia-Pacific and the rest of the world.

Services Available Opening its Singapore location in 2017, our servers expanded its ability to support and drive the technology evolution. The Southeast Asia data center is available to companies looking for trusted and reliable dedicated servers, colocation solutions, as well as public or hybrid cloud services. With a portfolio of additional management services, our servers support more than just your technical needs.
Compliance and Security

Singapore facility is SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliant. It is also HIPAA-ready and PCI DSS compliant, offering a secure platform for healthcare institutions, as well as financial services and e-commerce companies.

DDoS Protection

All solutions come with DDoS Protect™. The feature includes 20 Gbps of DDoS protection, as well as protection against UDP, TCP, and ICMP-based attacks. The comprehensive security systems protect your entire server, so you do not have to worry about your network safety.

Superior Reliability

All our servers facilities are purpose-built and have redundant systems in place to provide 100% network uptime. The Tier III operational standards and industry-leading network technologies enable our servers to provide always-on availability and resilience.

Phoenix Data Center

Network and Security Features State-of-the-art network technologies available at phoneixNAP let you choose from ethernet, point-to-point, dedicated wave, and other connectivity options. BGP Carrier Blend Network comes standard with our servers' services providing reliability and high-speed transfer. Leveraging the latest generation security technologies, our servers has a cutting-edge DDoS-protection system that minimizes the risk of failure to 0.001. Free 20 Gps of DDoS protection are available with all data center solutions while 24/7/365 physical and online security teams further ensure data safety. Additional security equipment includes multi-factor authentication mechanisms, multi-tier security zones, and high-perimeter walls.
Diverse Service Portfolio

Modern business models require more than just storage for their databases. They need performance to deliver excellent experiences to their customers. They also need advanced security solutions to eliminate the risk of business disruption. Our servers offers a wide portfolio of services to meet any of these needs, regardless of how aggressive or sophisticated they are.


Configure compute and storage environments of up to 500 watts per sq. ft. Various colocation products are at your disposal to build a highly efficient platform.

Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS)

Flexible hardware leasing models give you access to enterprise-grade hardware. Build your IT with state-of-the-art equipment available on an opex model.

Backup, Recovery, DRaas

Meet your availability goals with industry’s leading backup and recovery technologies. Our servers offers variety of specialized products to support your strategies.

Assisted IT Deployment and Management

With the mission of enabling any business to access the IT tools and equipment they need for growth. Our team is available for assistance with platform setup and management. You do not have to overburden or restructure your in-house teams in order to modernize your IT.

Employing a trusted team of solution experts and full-time, 24/7 NOC technicians on site, we can support you throughout the deployment process. As your data is stored with us, we will provide immediate support and expert assistance any time you need it.

USA Server 99.99% NETHERLANDS Server COMING SOON SINGAPORE Server 98.89%

Our Servers are running in all of the world

Designed for you and your business with the efficiency, strong protection, and affordable cost in mind. We can customize any solution, just for you. Our clients trust us to support the security and high availability of their mission-critical data, systems, and operations.