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Configure Cisco WebVPN to Use a Signed Certificate

If you like to install a Signed Certificate on your cisco Router…

  1. Create a new CSR on Test IIS Server
  2. Submit CSR to CA
  3. Once Signed/Generated, download the newly generated PKCS12 certificate and import to IIS
  4. Export the new certificate via MMC
          – Export certificate from “Personal Certificate” with key
          – Include all certificates in the path (CA, Intermediate)*
  5. Place the exported .pfx file onto a tftp server
  6. On the Cisco Router:
crypto pki import ExampleWildcard-Crt pkcs12 tftp://  
!Yes to all

Updated the WebVPN configuration to use the new certificate:

webvpn gateway VTX-Admins
ssl trustpoint ExampleWildcard-Crt