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F5 Certificate Import Process

Note: This is assuming you currently have a valid certificate installed on some IIS Server

  1. Export certificate via IIS to PFX. Make sure to include the certificate and the private key. If exporting a bundled certificate, you will need to copy/paste the certificate below only

  2. Convert PFX to PEM

openssl pkcs12 -in example\_all.pfx -out example\_all_pem.cer nodes
  1. Import Cert via PEM to f5
    Local Traffic > SSL Certificates > Import
    Import Type: Certificate
    Certificate Name: Cert-Star-ExampleCom
    Upload File: Generated Above

  2. Import Key via PEM to f5
    Local Traffic > SSL Certificates > Cert-Star-ExampleCom
    Key > Import: Generated Abov

  3. Create new SSL Profile
    Local Traffic > Profiles > SSL > Client > Create
    Name: SSL-ExampleCom
    Certificate: Cert-Star-ExampleCom
    Key: Cert-Star-ExampleCom

  4. Update VirtualServer to use the new SSL Profile (Client SSL)