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Blackberry Storm Is Full of Bugs

I purchased the Blackberry Storm (Verizon Wireless) to satisfy my iPhone thirst. Cool device, but after 6 days of use, I’m all ready to give up and switch!

The Bluetooth stack crashes my Storm!!! I can duplicate the problem on demand and everytime.

The Bluetooth stack has a mind of its own. The bluetooth device and the phone are paired, but when making a call the phone decides to use the headset instead of the bluetooth. I can manually tell the phone to use the bluetooth device after a call in in progress…. well sometimes.

Also, the phone gets consistent requests from my car’s bluetooth device and just wont give up. I cancel this request and BOOM. the phone crashes. Attached is the screenshot of what really happens.

“Uncaught exception: Application net_rim_bb_phone_app (72) is not responding: process terminated” error followed by missing keys in the keyboard(s) layouts.